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Frequently asked questions

Where do classes take place?

We bring the dojo to you. Young Ninjas after-school enrichment classes are conducted at your facility. We can set up practically anywhere! All we need is an open space. We can customize our program to your school needs, but a typical session will run for 8-10 weeks. Martial arts classes run weekly, after-school. Preschool classes are 45 minutes while elementary classes are 60 minutes. Classes take place after school or can even run during the school day. We can even handle everything from materials and flyers to online registration. Our goal is to make this easy, beneficial, and hassle free for you!

Who pays for classes?

Parents pay for after-school enrichment classes and register either through your school or our registration system. There is no cost to the school. Parents love having access to quality martial arts classes that are convenient for them during the school year. Our classes are affordable for parents and cost even less then outside martial arts studios. Our aim is to provide quality enrichment for parents, while making our classes affordable and very convenient. ( **For preschools that like physical activities during the school day as part of their curriculum, we offer school funded fitness classes – ninja fitness is school funded, and so beneficial – Flat rate, discounted price for 30 minute classes)

Why martial arts is so important for kids.

Aside from the obvious physical activity and exercise children receive, martial arts adds additional benefit, that other sports do not. Rooted in tradition and martial arts values, Young Ninjas aims to make a positive impact on each child participating in our program. Don’t be misinformed. Martial arts doesn’t make kids violent, it helps kids with self-control and discipline, building self-confidence. Martial arts teaches respect. Martial arts does not teach kids how to fight, it teaches kids how to avoid fights. Young Ninjas curriculum emphasizes self-awareness and understanding your surroundings. Young Ninjas curriculum is balance of fun and physical movement, while reinforcing and encouraging good manners like patience and respect. If you have questions or want to speak to a current parent or school participating in our program about the positive impact of martial arts and young ninjas, please contact us!

What does each class entail?

We start each class with a fun and active warm up. We then move on to teaching different fundamental techniques, like blocks, punches and kicks.  We incorporate games and challenges that work on coordination, motor skills, and balance. Based on the animal, some new techniques and games will be introduced each session. In addition to physical fitness, children also learn about etiquette, discipline, and respect, which parents dig! We incorporate values of traditional martial arts disciplines, only in a more creative and fun manner. The “promise of the ninja” and “certificate of achievement” are some fun ways we reinforce martial arts values, while keeping children engaged. Our drills and games are martial arts or sports focused, designed to hide repetition, in order to maximize enjoyment for each child. Children also gain knowledge and build muscle memory laying the foundation for any martial art, should they decide to continue outside of class when graduating from Young Ninjas.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes indeed. We carry $2,000,000 in liability insurance coverage.

How is your program non-contact?

During class, kids will not make physical contact with, toward, or at another student. In traditional martial arts and some styles, children and adults are expected to perform sparring or segmented techniques at one another to develop a number of different skills. In our classes, children will only make contact with foam pads and other foam equipment, like foam noodles, which are always held by the instructor. Young Ninjas incorporates defensive styles like karate, kung fu and tae kwon do. Young Ninjas allows kids to become comfortable with martial arts in a safe, fun, and age-appropriate setting.

Do you offer other programs for summer camps or special events?

Yes! We offer other programs like summer camp ninja workshops, event workshops for schools, fairs or other special events. Martial arts and Ninja workshops start at $195 for 60 minutes of awesome activity. If you book 2 or more, workshops drop to $150 each. Summer camps that book multiple workshops can take an extra 10% off the total price.  We can also help customize your event or summer camp. Just give us a call to to get more information!