Our Style

NO FIXED STYLE – Karate, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do

Multiple martial arts styles are introduced rather than a single style – It’s all about repetition of fundamental elements and technique. (blocks, stances, kicks, and punches) Young Ninjas USA techniques are common to most traditional martial arts systems and have been given standardized names and form.  

CURRICLUM – Super fun!

It’s been proven that children learn best through creative, play based activity, which is why our curriculum is built to be less rigid and more engaging then traditional martial arts systems. Kids are more motivated to participate and develop many skills, while having fun.  Our drills and games are martial arts or sports focused, designed to hide repetition, in order to maximize enjoyment for each child. Our curriculum was developed with the help of industry experts, to align with early childhood education and physical fitness standards.  Did you know? Play based learning will Increase retention and accelerate learning.


Unlike some traditional martial arts classes, we have no ranks in classes, but our curriculum still reinforces individual achievement.  Our curriculum rotates each session with new animal modules and a new color headband that can be earned. At the end of each class, students test in a group, and receive their certificate of achievement. During class, students don’t make contact with each other, only with foam pads, target shields and other equipment held by their Sensei.