Rotating sessions keep students coming back for more. Every new session, we focus our course on a different animal – incorporating a vocabulary of martial arts moves, training games, and etiquette. Each session, students will receive a new color headband based on the animal, a cool incentive to keep children excited.

Character building: Every new session, students focus on one of six character traits or citizen ship skills based on the animal style like Patience, Respect, Focus, Confidence, Positivity, and Loyalty.

We encourage students to return and re-enroll to advance in their ninja training with us. Each session will also reinforce previous session’s fundamentals, allowing new students to join Young Ninjas any session. At the end of each session, all students will receive a personalized Certificate Of Achievement based on the animal theme and will walk away with new skills and a whole lot of self-confidence!









What does each class entail?

We start each class with a fun and active warm up. We then move on to teaching different fundamental techniques, like blocks, punches and kicks.  We incorporate games and challenges that work on coordination, motor skills, and balance. Based on the animal, some new techniques and games will be introduced each session. In addition to physical fitness, children also learn about etiquette, discipline, and respect, which parents dig! We incorporate values of traditional martial arts disciplines, only in a more creative and fun manner. The “promise of the ninja” and “certificate of achievement” are some fun ways we reinforce martial arts values, while keeping children engaged. Our drills and games are martial arts or sports focused, designed to hide repetition, in order to maximize enjoyment for each child. Children also gain knowledge and build muscle memory laying the foundation for any martial art, should they decide to continue outside of class when graduating from Young Ninjas.